Flipkart axis bank credit card Review in india 2023

With online shopping booming in India, e-commerce giant Flipkart and Axis Bank have teamed up to offer a co-branded credit card aimed at loyal Flipkart customers.

Launched in 2019, the Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card offers alluring rewards like 5% back in Flipkart SuperCoins on your Flipkart purchases.

In this review, we’ll analyze the pros and cons of the card, ideal user profile, and whether its Flipkart-tailored perks provide enough value to justify getting it solely for Flipkart shopping.

While the card’s niche focus limits its utility, savvy Indian consumers can find strong value if they shop Flipkart frequently.

Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card Overview

The Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card is issued by Axis Bank in partnership with ecommerce giant Flipkart. Here are the basic details:

  • Offers 5% back on Flipkart purchases as Flipkart SuperCoins.
  • 1.5% SuperCoins back on rides, travel, food, and other categories.
  • Signup bonus of 500 SuperCoins.
  • No annual fee.

Cardholders can earn and redeem SuperCoins for shopping across Flipkart’s ecosystem of platforms including Myntra, 2GUD, and more. Flipkart SuperCoins work similarly to traditional credit card rewards points.

the Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card Benefits

The Flipkart co-branded credit card provides the following key perks:

Lucrative Flipkart Rewards

You’ll earn a lucrative 5% back in Flipkart SuperCoins valid for shopping on Flipkart for all purchases made directly through their site and app. This enables fast earnings for Flipkart loyalists.

Bonus SuperCoin Categories

Besides Flipkart, you’ll earn 1.5% SuperCoins on other popular spending categories including taxi rides, dining, movies, travel bookings, and subscriptions.

Strong Signup Bonus

New cardholders can earn 500 bonus SuperCoins by spending just ₹500 within 45 days of account opening. This makes it easy to earn the intro bonus.

Seamless Ecommerce Experience

Manage your card directly within Flipkart for speedy checkout and integrated rewards. Cardholders get early access to Flipkart sales.

No Foreign Transaction Fee

The card has no foreign transaction fee, making it a solid option for Flipkart purchases while traveling internationally.

Drawbacks to Consider

While the allure of 5% back in Flipkart rewards is strong, there are a few potential limitations to note:

  • SuperCoins can only be earned on Flipkart group platforms – not traditional online or in-store shopping.
  • Redemption options are restricted compared to flexible credit card points.
  • Minimal other benefits or shopping protections beyond Flipkart perks.
  • Approval may be challenging for those without existing Axis Bank relationships.

Ideal User for the Flipkart Axis Card

The Flipkart co-branded card makes the most sense for:

  • Frequent Flipkart shoppers who can maximize 5% back rewards.
  • Savvy Indian consumers who understand co-branded card limitations.
  • Those wanting seamless digital commerce andcheckout.
  • Existing Axis Bank customers already familiar with their cards.

For moderate or casual Flipkart shoppers, or those wanting multi-purpose rewards, a different credit card likely offers better value.

How it Compares to Other Indian Credit Cards

Flipkart axis bank credit card Review in india 2023

The Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card has an obvious niche focus compared to mainstream credit cards. Here’s how it stacks up:

Rewards Rate

The 5% back in SuperCoins can’t be beat for Flipkart purchases. But rates are lower in other categories compared to the best cards.

Welcome Bonus

At 500 SuperCoins, the signup bonus is decent but smaller than premium card intro bonuses.


Benefits are hyper-focused on the Flipkart ecosystem, lacking the broader rewards and perks of premium travel or dining cards.


The lack of an annual fee is a plus, but the card still charges standard fees for cash advances, late payments, etc.

Approval Odds

Approval may be easier for existing Axis Bank customers. Otherwise, eligibility is less predictable.

Is the Flipkart Axis Bank Card Worth It?

The Flipkart co-branded credit card makes the most sense if you frequently shop Flipkart and want seamless digital commerce across their ecosystem.

Savvy shoppers who understand the ecosystem limitations can extract strong value from the 5% back Flipkart rewards.

But it lacks flexibility and utility compared to general cash back or travel rewards cards. Unless you’re a devoted Flipkart shopper, you likely have better options. Approach with clear understanding of the pros and cons.

flipkart axis bank super elite credit card short Review

The Flipkart Axis Bank Super Elite credit card is designed for big spenders who frequently shop on Flipkart. It provides 7% back on Flipkart purchases as Flipkart SuperCoins, along with 4 complimentary domestic airport lounge visits per year. However, there is a steep annual fee of ₹5,000 for the privilege.

Applicants must spend ₹3 lakhs annually across Flipkart platforms to qualify as well. For wealthy Flipkart loyalists the elevated earn rate and lounge access may warrant the high fee.

But for average shoppers, the card’s benefits likely don’t justify the cost and require very high Flipkart spending to reap real value.

Is Axis Bank Flipkart credit card good?

The Axis Bank Flipkart credit card can be a good option for frequent Flipkart shoppers thanks to its generous 5% back in Flipkart SuperCoins rewards on all eligible Flipkart purchases. This allows you to quickly earn savings to apply toward future Flipkart buys.

However, the SuperCoins rewards are restrictive to Flipkart platforms only, reducing utility for general spending. And the card lacks some benefits and protections more well-rounded cards offer.

But if you understand its niche focus and shop Flipkart routinely, the 5% back in Flipkart rewards can provide significant savings. Just approach with clear eyes about its ecosystem limitations.

frequently asked questions

Q. What is the rewards rate on the Flipkart Axis card?

You earn 5% back in Flipkart SuperCoins on Flipkart purchases and 1.5% back in other bonus categories like travel, dining, and rideshares.

Q. Is there an annual fee for the Flipkart Axis card?

No, there is no annual fee associated with this credit card.

Q. What is the signup bonus for new cardholders?

New cardholders can earn 500 Flipkart SuperCoins by spending just ₹500 within the first 45 days of account opening.

Q. Can SuperCoins be earned anywhere besides Flipkart?

No, SuperCoins can only be earned on purchases made on Flipkart’s associated platforms like Myntra, 2GUD, etc. Not at traditional retailers.

Q. Is the Flipkart Axis card a credit or charge card?

The Flipkart Axis Bank card is a credit card, meaning you can carry a balance subject to interest charges. It is not a charge card requiring full payment each month.


The Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card offers a lucrative way to earn rewards for avid Flipkart shoppers. With 5% back in Flipkart SuperCoins on all purchases made at Flipkart and Flipkart group sites, frequent shoppers can rack up savings to apply toward future buys.

However, the Flipkart-only earning restrictions and limited redemption options reduce the card’s utility for more casual buyers.

While niche, it can provide significant value if you understand the ecosystem limitations. For general shopping, cards with more flexible rewards and perks likely make more sense for most Indian consumers.

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