How Much is ApeCoin Worth in 2030 (february 2024)

ApeCoin (APE) is an ERC-20 governance and utility token used within the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) ecosystem, one of the most iconic non-fungible token (NFT) projects. The token was launched in March 2022 and airdropped to BAYC holders.

Since launch, ApeCoin has seen massive price appreciation driven by speculation and excitement around expanding utilities like metaverse land and gaming integrations. Many investors are keen to forecast – how valuable could ApeCoin be in the long-term by 2030?

This article will analyze key factors that can influence ApeCoin’s adoption and valuation, including competition, use cases and macro environment to arrive at a fundamental 2030 price prediction.

Overview of ApeCoin

Here is a quick look at some key features of ApeCoin:

  • APE is the governance and utility token of the BAYC and Otherside metaverse ecosystem
  • The max supply is capped at 1 billion tokens. 15% was allocated for the airdrop, with further vesting plans.
  • APE is used for payments, governance of the ApeCoin DAO, redeeming rewards and discounts within the ecosystem.
  • Major partners include Animoca Brands, Delphi Digital and MoonPay. APE is traded on all top exchanges.
  • Future roadmap aims for metaverse gaming integrations, virtual events, and driving culture via memes.
  • The community-owned structure mimics DOGE and SHIB while having more tangible utility.

Key Factors That Could Influence APE Until 2030

APE’s price in 2030 will depend on several key factors as listed below:

  • Mainstream popularity and staying power of BAYC NFTs as culture icons
  • Execution of metaverse vision including gaming integrations and virtual experiences
  • Utility expansions like payments, ticketing, social token applications
  • Success of decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governance
  • Liquidity access and exchange listings for retail and institutions
  • Broader macro environment and regulatory outlook for cryptocurrencies
  • Competition from other metaverse, NFT and culture token projects
  • Cohesion and sustained activity of the ApeCoin community
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Technical Analysis and Previous Price Movements

APE hit an all-time high of $39 in April 2022 soon after launch before declining in the broader crypto bear market. Some key technical analysis observations:

  • After the massive spike in early 2022, APE has found support around $5 and trades in a range between $5 to $15 since then.
  • Attempts to break out above $20 have been sold into so far indicating trader unwillingness to buy at higher levels currently.
  • The 50 and 200-day moving averages are sloping downwards indicating a technical downtrend despite the consolidation.
  • $10 is an important psychological support level. Breaking below it could accelerate declines while breaking above decisively is needed to reverse bearish sentiment.

Forecasting ApeCoin’s Potential Price in 2030

Given the extreme crypto volatility, it is impossible to accurately predict APE’s price in 2030. But based on growth trajectories and reflections of community strength, here are potential scenarios:

  • Bearish scenario: APE falls 99% to below $1 if BAYC hype fades and broader NFT industry declines.
  • Conservative scenario: APE trades in the $10 to $30 range driven by metaverse gaming integrations and entertainment.
  • Moderate scenario: APE reaches $50 to $100 valuation based on increased utility across Web3.
  • Bullish scenario: APE enters price discovery, trading above $200 on massive metaverse adoption.
  • Ultra bullish scenario: APE surpasses $1000+ if BAYC becomes an iconic long-lasting brand and APE establishes itself as a core asset across metaverse economies.

Will ApeCoin Follow Other Meme Crypto Trajectories?

APE’s rise has similarities to meme pioneers DOGE and SHIB. However, some key differences exist:

  • APE has more tangible utility like metaverse land and applications. Memes alone may not sustain DOGE and SHIB long-term.
  • The BAYC brand has become a social status symbol and culture icon, giving APE legitimacy beyond just Internet humor.
  • As a DAO token, APE is experimenting with decentralized governance and community-driven development.
  • Mainstream celebrity connections and institutional investors indicate broader awareness and appetite for APE than pure meme coins.
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The above factors suggest APE could potentially outlast hype-driven spikes and capture long-term value if the community utilizes its strengths. Execution remains key.


Forecasting far into the future is of course speculative for cryptocurrencies given the inherent volatility. However, ApeCoin’s deep connections with BAYC, passionate community, and metaverse expansion plans provide a basis for healthy growth if executed properly.

Conservative estimates peg APE reaching $30 by 2030. However, considering crypto history and ApeCoin’s brand traction, reaching triple digit valuations is certainly possible in bullish scenarios driven by sustained community enthusiasm.


Q. What is the total and circulating supply of ApeCoin?

ApeCoin has a fixed maximum supply of 1 billion tokens. As of January 2023, the circulating supply was around 300 million tokens.

Q. When did ApeCoin launch and how was it distributed initially?

ApeCoin launched in March 2022. 15% of the supply was airdropped to BAYC and BAKC holders. Additional distributions are via DAO-governed vesting.

Q. What is the ApeCoin DAO?

It is a decentralized autonomous organization that governs ApeCoin. APE holders can participate in governance by staking tokens and voting on proposals.

Q. Where can I buy ApeCoin?

ApeCoin is listed on all major centralized exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, FTX as well as decentralized exchanges like Uniswap. It has excellent liquidity.

Q. What is the minting fee for ApeCoin?

The current cost to mint ApeCoin is 120 APE, which goes towards DAO community reserves. The fee may be changed via APE holder governance.

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