Santander Zero Credit Card Review in (November 2023)

With its notable 24 month 0% interest rate on purchases, the Santander Zero Credit Card aims to appeal to borrowers looking to minimize interest costs. Launched in 2021, this credit card offers one of the longest 0% introductory deals on the market alongside no annual fees.

But how does it compare to competitor cards and is the lengthy interest-free period enough to make it a leading choice?

This in-depth review will provide a close examination of the key features, benefits, drawbacks and fine print of the Santander Zero Credit Card.

Overview of the Santander Zero Credit Card

The Santander Zero Credit Card is a Mastercard credit card issued by Santander UK. The highlights include:

  • 0% interest on purchases for 24 months from account opening
  • Representative APR of 21.9%
  • No annual fee
  • Up to 56 days interest free on purchases
  • Credit limits from £500 to £15,000

The main attraction is the lengthy 0% initial purchase offer compared to other cards.

0% Introductory Purchase Rate

New Santander Zero cardholders enjoy 0% interest on all purchases made for the first 24 months when you open the account. This provides over two years to pay off purchases interest-free.

Balance Transfers

While the 0% rate applies to new purchases, it does not cover balance transfers. The balance transfer rate is set at 2.99% for 12 months.

Credit Limits

This card has minimum and maximum credit limits of £500 and £15,000 respectively. The actual limit will depend on your creditworthiness when applying.

No Annual Fee

There is no annual fee to pay on this credit card. This makes it more affordable for long-term use.

Pros of the Santander Zero Credit Card

What are the major advantages of the Santander Zero Credit Card?

  • Long 0% purchase intro offer: 24 months 0% interest on purchases is one of the longest intro periods available.
  • Up to 56 days interest-free: This grace period on new purchases helps with cashflow.
  • No annual fee: There are no annual costs to worry about.
  • Balance transfer offer: The 2.99% rate for 12 months can help reduce debt repayment costs.
  • Potential credit limit increases: You may be able to get higher credit limits if you manage the account responsibly.
  • Accepted worldwide: Use this Mastercard for payments or withdrawals globally.
  • Online account management: You can manage your account securely via online banking and mobile app.

Cons to Consider

Here are some of the downsides of the Santander Zero Credit Card to factor in:

  • Higher standard APR: Expect to pay 21.9% representative APR once the 0% introductory deal ends.
  • No rewards benefits: This card does not offer any cashback, points or rewards on spending.
  • Foreign transaction fees: Using this card overseas incurs fees of 2.99% of transaction value.
  • Must bank with Santander: You’ll need an existing Santander current account to be approved for this card.
  • Low balance transfer period: The 0% balance transfer rate only lasts for 12 months.

How Does the Santander Zero Card Compare?

How does the Santander Zero Credit Card compare to some competitor 0% purchase cards?

  • Halifax Credit Card: Also offers 0% on purchases for 24 months. The representative APR is slightly lower at 20.9% but it has a £1 monthly fee.
  • Barclaycard Platinum Balance Transfer: Comes with 0% on purchases for 26 months and a lower representative APR of 19.9%. But no intro balance transfer offer.
  • HSBC Balance Transfer Credit Card: Has a 0% term of 30 months on purchases. But a higher representative APR of 22.9% and 2.79% balance transfer fee.
  • Nationwide Select Credit Card: Offers 0% on purchases for 27 months. It has a lower representative APR of 18.9% but higher 3% balance transfer fee.

The Santander Zero Card’s 24 month 0% purchase rate is competitive but not the longest available. The lack of any rewards is a downside.

Should You Get the Santander Zero Credit Card?

Here are some scenarios when the Santander Zero Credit Card could be suitable:

  • You have an existing Santander current account and want to simplify your banking.
  • You expect to make a large purchase and want to pay no interest for 24 months.
  • You have existing credit card debt and want to benefit from the intro 0% balance transfer rate.
  • You want to avoid annual fees while benefitting from 0% deals.
  • You are looking for easy digital credit card account management.

While the lengthy purchase intro rate is the main appeal, also consider the balance transfer terms, interest rates, and lack of rewards before applying.

Santander Zero Credit Card FAQs

Here we answer five commonly asked questions about the Santander Zero Credit Card:

1. What credit score is needed for approval?

Santander has not set a minimum credit score. However, excellent credit will be needed due to the long 0% deal offered. Checking your credit reports first is recommended.

2. Can the card be used overseas?

Yes, but foreign transactions incur a 2.99% fee so it is not the cheapest card to use abroad.

3. Are there interest-free instalment plan options?

Santander does not offer interest-free instalment plans on purchases with this card. The standard APR applies other than the introductory deal.

4. Can you transfer existing Santander debt?

Unfortunately the intro balance transfer rate does not apply to existing Santander credit card debt. Only balances from other banks qualify initially.

5. Is there a Zero Credit Card app?

Yes, you can download the Santander mobile banking app to manage your credit card account online.

Is the Santander Zero Credit Card Right for You?

The Santander Zero Credit Card makes a strong case for borrowers wanting to maximize interest-free days on purchases through its long 24 month 0% deal and up to 56 days interest-free grace period.

The lack of an annual fee adds to its affordability. While not the most feature-rich card, it delivers on its core promise of extending 0% introductory rates. Just be sure to compare against rivals and factor in the representative APR when the deal ends before applying.

Manage repayments diligently to avoid building debt. For Santander account holders who can benefit from the lengthy 0% period, it can be a solid choice.


The Santander Zero Credit Card stands out for its 24 month 0% introductory purchase rate, one of the longest interest-free deals available. This can appeal to those wanting to make a large purchase or consolidate existing debts.

However, note the limitations including no rewards, foreign transaction fees, and the need for an existing Santander account. While not the most feature-packed card, it delivers well on its core offer of an extended 0% term for new purchases.

Carefully consider the rates and lack of perks before applying. Overall, Santander customers who can benefit from 0% interest for 24 months may find this card provides a simple way to minimize the cost of borrowing.

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