What is the benefit of YES Bank credit card in November 2023

YES Bank credit cards offer a host of attractive features and benefits for customers in India. With YES Bank cards, you can enjoy seamless payments, cashback offers, flexible credit limits, and around-the-clock support.

Significant benefits include lifetime free credit card usage, fuel surcharge waivers, higher cash withdrawal limits, and complimentary access to airport lounges.

YES Bank also has partnerships with major brands and e-commerce platforms to provide additional rewards, discounts, and deals.

With different credit card variants catering to diverse needs, YES Bank cards make for a smart choice to meet your banking and lifestyle requirements effortlessly.

Wide Acceptance and High Credit Limits

One of the primary advantages of having a YES Bank credit card is its wide acceptance. YES Bank has partnerships with all major merchant establishments, both online and offline. So you can use your YES Bank credit card seamlessly for shopping, dining, travel bookings, utility payments, and more.

YES Bank also offers high credit limits on its credit cards. This allows you to make large payments and transactions as per your requirement without frequent blocks. The credit limit is assigned basis your eligibility and income documents provided. You can also increase your credit limit by applying through the bank’s application process.

Reward Points and Cashback Offers

The rewards and offers are what makes YES Bank credit cards truly rewarding. YES Bank offers exciting reward points on transactions which can be redeemed for welcome gifts, retail vouchers, flight tickets, hotel bookings, and more.

There are also attractive cashback offers on online shopping, movie tickets, grocery payments, mobile recharges, etc. These help you save money on regular expenditures. YES Bank has tie-ups with leading online portals and brands to provide exclusive and specialized offers for its credit card holders.

Complimentary Lounge Access

Frequent flyers will appreciate the lounge access provided by YES Bank’s premium credit cards. Cards like YES First Exclusive offer complimentary access to airport lounges in India and worldwide. This allows you to relax in comfort before flights and enjoy complimentary meals, refreshments and other facilities.

The higher tier cards also come with club memberships, golf course access and other exclusive privileges associated with luxury travel.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

YES Bank offers a fuel surcharge waiver on fuel payments made using its credit card. This surcharge is typically 2.5% of the fuel cost and waived off by YES Bank as a benefit to customers. So every time you pay for fuel using the credit card, you save 2.5% on the bill.

For regular drivers and vehicle owners, this surcharge waiver can lead to significant savings annually. It covers payments made towards fuel, lubricants and other automobile utilities.

EMI Facility

All major big ticket purchases can be converted into EMIs by YES Bank credit cards. You can choose flexible tenures from 3 to 36 months and pay for expenses like electronics, home appliances, furniture, vacations, etc. in affordable monthly instalments.

EMI transactions are eligible for rewards points and cashbacks just like regular transactions. This makes owning high-end products more accessible and budget-friendly.

Insurance Coverage

YES Bank credit cards come with air accident coverage of up to Rs. 50 lakhs. This means your family is protected financially in case of loss of life due to an air accident.

There are also lost card liability and purchase protection covers to safeguard you from fraudulent transactions and loss/damage of purchased items. The premium cards also provide golf insurance and lounge access to cardholder’s spouse.

Hassle-free Bill Payment

YES Bank offers the convenience of paperless statements, SMS alerts, auto-debit for bill payment,Quick Bill Pay and other facilities. You can view your monthly statements online and get instant SMS notifications for card usage.

You can set up standing instructions for auto debit from your YES Bank savings account so that your credit card bill gets paid on time every billing cycle. You can also pay your bill easily via netbanking, dropboxes and other channels.

Dedicated Mobile App

The YES BANK Credit Card mobile app allows you to manage your credit card securely from your smartphone. You can view recent transactions, pending bills, reward points balance, submit service requests, block your card and much more.

The intuitive app interface and design makes it easy to access card details on the go. You can also opt for app notifications to monitor your credit card usage and statements in real time.

Zero Liability Protection

YES Bank provides 100% protection from fraudulent transactions on your credit card under its zero liability policy. You don’t have to pay any amount towards unauthorized or incorrect transactions made on your lost or stolen credit card.

You just need to report loss/theft of your card immediately to YES Bank’s 24×7 cardholder helpline. So you can have complete peace of mind against misuse.

Lifetime Free Cards

A highlight of YES Bank credit cards is that they are completely free for lifetime use. There are no joining, annual, renewal or hidden fees. You only pay nominal charges towards add-on cards, cash advances, cross currency transactions, etc.

The lifetime free cards ensure you incur zero extra costs for maintaining and using your YES Bank credit card. This offers savings compared to cards with annual fees.

Higher Cash Withdrawal Limits

YES Bank credit cards allow for cash withdrawals of up to 50% of your total credit limit. The maximum withdrawal amount in a day can go up to Rs. 1 lakh depending on your card variant. You can use your card to withdraw money from ATMs worldwide in case of urgent cash requirements.

Higher cash withdrawal limits relative to other bank credit cards makes your YES Bank card more convenient.

Balance Transfer Facility

You can transfer outstanding balances from your other credit cards to your YES Bank card at attractive interest rates. This balance transfer facility helps you consolidate multiple debts into one card.

It allows you to reduce interest burden on high cost debts and pay off in a disciplined manner with lower interest rates. There are also special offers like 0% interest and waiver of processing fees on balance transfers.

Easy Foreign Travel

YES Bank credit cards make international travel and payments seamless due to their wide global acceptance. You have access to 1 million+ VISA ATMs worldwide for cash withdrawals during foreign trips.

Dynamic currency conversion allows transactions automatically in the local currency without any hassles. You also earn reward points on international spends which can be redeemed subsequently.

pros and cons benefits and limitations of YES Bank credit cards

Reward points and cashback offers on transactionsHigher interest rates compared to some competitor cards
Complimentary domestic and international lounge accessLimited acceptance at merchants compared to Visa/Mastercard
Fuel surcharge waiver up to 2.5%Cannot be used for global emergency services like Visa/Mastercard
EMI facility for big ticket purchasesLimited promotional offers compared to cards from bigger banks
Air accident cover up to Rs. 50 lakhsCustomer service could be improved
Zero lost card liability protectionHigh penalty charges for late bill payment
Lifetime free credit cardLower credit limit for fresh applicants
Higher daily ATM cash withdrawal limitLimited flexibility to modify billing cycle
Balance transfer from other bank cards
Seamless payments at global merchants


Q. What is the maximum reward points you can earn on YES Bank credit cards?

YES Bank cards offer reward points on transactions ranging from 1-10 points per Rs. 100 spent depending on the card variant. There is no maximum limit on the reward points that you can accumulate.

Q. Is there any minimum income requirement for YES Bank credit cards?

YES Bank does not have a minimum income requirement. However, your credit limit is assigned basis your eligibility, income proof documents and credit score. Having a higher and regular income improves your chances of getting a higher credit limit.

Q. Do YES Bank credit cards provide free lounge access?

Yes, YES Bank’s premium credit cards like YES First Exclusive and YES Prosperity Edge provide complimentary domestic and international lounge access. The number of free lounge visits may be limited in a year depending on the card.

Q. What is the lost card liability on YES Bank credit cards?

YES Bank offers zero lost card liability protection. You are not liable to pay any fraudulent transactions made on your lost or stolen credit card if you report the loss immediately.

Q. Is there a charge for issuing an add-on credit card on YES Bank?

YES Bank charges a nominal fee of Rs. 500 per add-on credit card issued. The joining, annual and renewal fees are still waived for add-on cards. Add-on cards are linked to the primary cardholder’s credit limit.


In summary, YES Bank credit cards offer a complete package with attractive rewards, shopping and travel benefits, financial privileges, insurance protection and convenience of digital banking.

The lifetime free usage, surcharge waiver, zero lost card liability and other key benefits make YES Bank credit cards a preferred choice for Indian customers.

So if you are looking for a credit card that provides maximum value, privileges and secure digital banking, a YES Bank credit card is undoubtedly a top contender for your portfolio.

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