What is the maximum limit of HDFC Business Regalia credit card in 2023

The HDFC Business Regalia Credit Card is a premium card aimed at business owners and senior corporate executives in India. It stands out for its high credit limit of up to Rs. 5 lakh, providing ample purchasing power to manage large business expenses conveniently.

While the upper limit is fixed, the actual sanctioned credit limit varies based on factors like income, credit score, relationship with HDFC bank, and documents provided.

The higher limit offers flexibility to pay for business travel, accommodation, inventory purchases and short-term working capital needs seamlessly on a single card.

However, it is prudent to remain within the approved limit to avoid hefty overlimit fees and interest charges. This article explores the maximum permissible limit and associated benefits and charges in detail.

Overview of HDFC Business Regalia Credit Card

The HDFC Business Regalia credit card is designed for owners of large businesses and senior executives of corporates who frequently undertake high-value business expenses. Some key features of this card are:

  • Higher credit limit compared to regular credit cards
  • Complimentary lounge access at airports in India and worldwide
  • Complimentary membership of golf courses in India
  • Lost card liability cover of Rs. 10 lakh
  • Insurance cover on air tickets purchased on the card
  • Higher reward points on spends
  • Priority customer service

The card provides unmatched privileges and maximum value to executives and business owners who seek premium travel and lifestyle-related benefits.

Maximum Credit Limit on HDFC Business Regalia Card

The maximum credit limit allowed on the HDFC Business Regalia credit card is Rs. 5 lakh. However, the actual credit limit extended to a cardholder depends on various factors such as:

Monthly income and turnover of the applicant’s business

HDFC analyses the monthly income and annual turnover of the applicant’s business to determine the repaying capacity and fix a suitable credit limit. Business owners with higher monthly income and annual turnover are extended higher credit limits compared to others.

Credit score and credit history

A good credit score and healthy credit history play an important role in determining the credit limit. Applicants with excellent credit scores and no history of defaults can get the maximum permissible limit on the card. Those with lower scores or poor credit history may get comparatively lower limits approved.

Relationship with HDFC

Valued customers who have a long-standing relationship with HDFC bank and hold multiple products like savings account, fixed deposits etc. are likely to get higher credit limits than new customers. The bank evaluates the applicant’s association and transactions to extend the most suitable limit.

Documents submitted

Salaried applicants need to submit identity proof, address proof and latest salary slips. Self-employed individuals have to provide identity proof, address proof and financial statements of their business for the last 2 years. The documents help HDFC determine the creditworthiness and sanction appropriate limits.

Verification process

HDFC conducts employment verification and income verification prior to approving the card. Applicants who satisfy the verification criteria and are deemed creditworthy are extended higher limits compared to those who don’t meet the criteria fully.

Based on these criteria, HDFC determines the maximum limit that can be sanctioned to an applicant safely to ensure comfortable repayment. While the upper ceiling is Rs. 5 lakh, the actual limit extended can vary depending on merit.

Benefits of Higher Credit Limit

The high credit limit offered on the HDFC Business Regalia credit card provides several advantages to cardholders:

Handle large business expenses seamlessly

The higher limit allows executives and business owners to make large payments for travel, accommodation, office expenses, buying inventory etc. without worrying about the limit falling short. It provides ample purchasing power to manage routine business spending conveniently.

Avail short-term credit for working capital needs

Business owners can utilize the ample credit limit to fulfill short-term working capital requirements for their company. It serves as an additional facility to manage situations where instant working capital is needed for smooth business operations.

Consolidate multiple expenses under one card

A higher limit enables executives and entrepreneurs to consolidate various business expenses on one card. There is no need to make payments through multiple cards or other means. One card can take care of all corporate spending and repayments.

Improve credit score

Higher credit limit and wise usage of the card helps improve the cardholder’s credit score over time. This enables availing loans and credit facilities at attractive terms in the future.

Higher reward points

The card provides more reward points for higher spends on the card. A high credit limit enables accumulating more reward points which can be redeemed later for various benefits.

Thus, the high credit limit provides both convenience and flexibility to executives for managing their business expenses through a single card efficiently.

Charges on Exceeding Credit Limits

While the credit limit on the HDFC Business Regalia card is high, it is important to stay within the approved limit to avoid penalties. If the total outstanding exceeds the credit limit, the following charges are applicable:

  • Overlimit fee – 2.5% of the amount exceeding the credit limit (subject to minimum Rs. 500) is levied as overlimit charges. This is charged every time the limit is exceeded.
  • Late Payment Fee – In addition to the overlimit fee, late payment charges of 2.5% (minimum Rs. 600) are levied if the minimum amount due is not paid by the payment due date.
  • Interest on overlimit amount – Interest is charged at the rate of 3.3% per month (40.2% annualized) on the overlimit amount from the date of transaction until the date of payment.

Therefore, it is prudent to track expenses carefully and ensure the total outstanding does not exceed the credit limit to avoid attracting hefty charges. The cardholder should make payments promptly if the limits are breached accidentally to minimize the extra charges.

How to Request an Increase in Credit Limit?

HDFC offers customers an option to request an increase in their credit limit based on eligibility. Here is the process to request an enhancement in credit limit:

Check eligibility

One can get a credit limit increase only if there are at least 6 months of satisfactory usage of the card. The credit score should be over 750 and outstanding on the card must be cleared fully every month.

Submit request online

Log in to the NetBanking account and click on ‘Request Card Limit Increase’. Select the card, choose the desired new limit within the maximum limit and submit the request online.

Provide documents if requested

HDFC may ask for latest financial documents like ITR, bank statements etc. to process the request. If asked, the documents have to be submitted within 14 days.

Await approval

The request is evaluated based on internal criteria and approved limits are communicated through email and SMS within 7 working days. The new limit reflects in the account within 2 weeks.


Q. What is the maximum credit limit available on HDFC Business Regalia card?

The maximum credit limit allowed on the HDFC Business Regalia credit card is Rs. 5 lakh. However, the actual limit extended can vary based on eligibility criteria.

Q. What factors determine the credit limit approved to a cardholder?

The credit limit is determined based on monthly income, business turnover, credit score, credit history, relationship with HDFC bank, documents submitted, and employment/income verification by the bank.

Q. Can the credit limit be increased if required?

Yes, existing customers can request an increase in their credit limit after 6 months of card usage if they have a good credit score, pay dues on time, and meet eligibility criteria. The request can be submitted online.

Q. What charges are applicable on exceeding the approved credit limit?

If the total outstanding exceeds the credit limit, overlimit fees, late payment charges, and higher interest rates are applied on the overlimit amount.

Q. How can cardholders avoid exceeding the credit limit?

Cardholders should carefully monitor expenses and outstanding amount to ensure it remains within the approved limit. Making payments for large bills before the closing date also helps avoid breaching the credit limit.


The HDFC Business Regalia Credit Card offers one of the highest credit limits of Rs. 5 lakh among premium business cards in India. While the upper limit is fixed, the actual sanctioned limit varies based on the cardholder’s profile, creditworthiness, income documents and relationship with HDFC Bank.

The higher limit provides substantial purchasing power and flexibility to executives and business owners to seamlessly meet various business expenses and working capital needs through a single card.

However, care should be exercised to avoid exceeding the approved limit to prevent hefty charges. Periodic re-evaluation of credit limit ensures the card can meet the evolving needs of the business effectively.

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