Which app gives more reward by paying credit card bill in 2023

Why just pay your credit card bill when you can get rewarded for it? A number of innovative apps now let you earn points, miles, cashback, and other perks when you route bill payments through their platforms.

Paying with plastic instead of checks or bank account debits has become second nature for many. Credit cards provide security, convenience, and purchase protections. But savvy users have found paying bills through rewards apps takes benefits one step further.

Keep reading to discover which apps provide the most lucrative rewards for your credit card bill payments.


  • Earn points (1,000 points = $1 cashback) when you link credit cards and pay bills through the app.
  • Accept 5x the points for your first invoice payment per company.
  • Points can be saved for cash, gift cards, or travel.
  • Additional points earned for referrals and completing challenges.

Drop makes it easy to turbocharge your credit card rewards. Simply link your credit card to the free app and then pay your bills through Drop. You’ll earn points on top of any credit card rewards for each payment. The 5x bonus on your first bill per company is very lucrative.


  • Links to your credit and debit cards to earn cashback when you pay bills at supported merchants.
  • Up to 12% cashback rewards for credit card bill payments.
  • Securely pay bills directly through the Dosh app interface.
  • Cashback can be withdrawn to your bank or PayPal.

Dosh is best for earning cashback on bigger one-time bills rather than recurring payments. But the cashback rates of up to 12% are hard to beat. Dosh also offers bonus rewards for referring friends and activating various promotions.


  • Pays your credit card bill on your behalf in exchange for points.
  • 10,000 points for each bill payment, which equals $10.
  • Additional bonuses for adding authorized users.
  • Points can cash out via PayPal or mailed check.

ChargeSmart simplifies earning rewards by handling the bill payment for you if desired. Just connect your credit card account, set up a recurring schedule, and ChargeSmart will pay the balance and issue you points accordingly.


app gives more reward by paying credit card
  • 3% cashback when you use PayPal to pay your credit card bill online
  • 2% cashback on any credit card bill payments made directly through PayPal’s Xoom international remittance service.
  • Rewards redeemed as cashback to your PayPal balance.

Loyal PayPal users can amplify rewards by routing bill payments through their account. The convenience of managing bills within PayPal itself makes earning the 3% cashback rate very straightforward.

Mint Bills

  • Earn cashback points for paying bills through Mint’s platform.
  • Receive up to 20% cashback on some types of recurring bill payments.
  • $5 signup bonus after paying two bills.
  • Redeem points for deposit into your bank account.

Mint already helps users organize finances and track spending. Getting cashback for shifting bill payments over to Mint Bills is an attractive option for those already relying on Mint for money management.

Bill Pay Bonus Offers from Credit Card Issuers

In addition to third-party apps, many credit card companies provide their own incentives when you enroll in online bill pay directly through them. Here are some top options with lucrative sign-up bonuses or cashback offers for recurring payments:

  • Chase – 10,000 bonus points for setting up bill pay
  • American Express – Up to 20% cashback for designating an eligible wireless carrier bill
  • Citi – 5 ThankYou points per $1 spent when paying monthly bills
  • Capital One – $150 cash bonus for paying 2 bills within 3 months of requesting an autopay account
  • Discover – $30 cashback bonus for enrolling in online bill pay

Maximizing Rewards on Credit Card Bills

To optimize rewards earned on credit card bills through apps and bonus offers:

  • Take advantage of one-time signup bonuses when available – these provide the biggest bang for your buck initially.
  • Pay attention to bonus categories or merchants that earn elevated rates – route the biggest/most frequent bills there when possible.
  • Stagger bill due dates to take advantage of multiple bonus timeframes – you don’t want all bills on the same cycle.
  • Only route bills through an app if the reward value exceeds any convenience fees charged by the app. Some charge small fees that can eat into rewards earned.
  • Don’t jeopardize credit card rewards you’re already earning – apps provide an additional layer, but don’t forfeit your underlying credit card points.
  • Be cautious of overspending just to chase rewards – only pay bills you can afford to pay in full.

With a savvy multi-layered approach, paying your credit card bills through reward apps can help defray the cost of monthly obligations. Just be a diligent shopper and do the math to ensure the rewards value aligns with any fees charged.

frequently asked questions

Q. Which app offers the most rewards for paying credit card bills?

Apps like Drop, Dosh, and ChargeSmart tend to offer the richest rewards for routing credit card bill payments through their platforms. The best value depends on the specific bill and bonus offers at the time.

Q. What kind of rewards can I earn when paying bills through apps?

Most apps provide cashback, points, or miles that can be redeemed for cash, account credits, gift cards, or travel. Some offer signup bonuses too.

Q. Is it safe to pay my credit card bill through an app?

As long as you use legitimate apps that connect directly with your credit card company, bill payment is generally safe. Only share login details through secure channels.

Q. Do these apps charge fees?

Some apps charge small convenience fees or account maintenance fees that should be considered relative to rewards earned. Pay close attention to fee disclosures.

Q. Can I combine app rewards with my credit card rewards?

Yes, many savvy users stack rewards by earning points through an app and their underlying credit card rewards on the same purchase. Just ensure your credit card rewards aren’t forfeited.


While paying bills isn’t the most exciting task, it can provide an opportunity for maximizing your credit card rewards through special apps and services. Platforms like Drop, Dosh, PayPal, and Mint Bills allow you to earn points, miles, or cashback when you route bill payments through them.

Take advantage of lucrative signup bonuses, fee-free options, and rewards stacking to amplify your earnings.

Just ensure the value received outweighs any convenience fees charged by analyzing the math carefully. With the right apps rewarding your payments, you can take some of the sting out of paying your monthly obligations.

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