Zopa Credit Card Review is Right for You in 2023

The Zopa credit card is one of the newest offerings in the UK credit card market. Launched in 2018 by peer-to-peer lending platform Zopa, this online credit card aims to compete through attractive rewards and introductory rates.

With no annual fees, 0.5% cashback on purchases, 0% interest for 33 months, and fee-free overseas spending, it certainly seems appealing for certain borrowers. But how does it compare to other top cards and is it the right choice for you?

The key features, pros and cons of the Zopa card to help you decide if it meets your needs. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions about this digital credit card option.

Overview of the Zopa Credit Card

The Zopa credit card is a Mastercard issued by Wirecard Card Solutions. It has no annual fee and offers:

  • 0.5% cashback on purchases
  • 0% purchase and balance transfer rate for 33 months
  • Representative APR of 18.9%
  • Credit limits from £1,000 to £15,000

Key features include:

Cashback Rewards

You’ll earn 0.5% cashback on all eligible purchases. Cashback is paid monthly if you have earned over £5 during the month. There is no limit to how much cashback you can earn.

0% Introductory Rates

New Zopa cardholders benefit from 0% interest on purchases and balance transfers for 33 months from account opening. This makes it easy to pay off existing debts or make large purchases interest-free during the introductory period.

Digital Account Management

As an online credit card, Zopa offers digital account management via your online account and the Zopa app. You can manage your account, track spending, make payments and more 24/7 via your digital tools.

US Dollar & Euro Accounts

Unique for a UK credit card, Zopa offers the ability to have US dollar and euro accounts alongside your main sterling account. This allows you to spend overseas fee-free and avoid foreign transaction fees.

Pros of the Zopa Credit Card

Here are some of the main advantages of using the Zopa credit card:

  • Long 0% introductory offer: The 33 months 0% interest on purchases and balances transfers is one of the longest intro periods available.
  • Cashback rewards: 0.5% back on all eligible spending is a decent cashback return. There are higher cashback cards but they have annual fees.
  • No foreign transaction fees: The ability to spend overseas in US dollars and euros with no fees is very useful for frequent travellers.
  • Digital account management: Zopa offers an easy-to-use digital banking experience via your online account and mobile app.
  • Potential credit limit increases: Responsible use of the card can see your credit limit rise over time to £15,000.
  • UK customer service: Zopa’s customer service team are UK-based, which makes it easier to get support.

Cons of the Zopa Credit Card

Here are some potential downsides to the Zopa card to be aware of:

  • High representative APR: The representative APR is 18.9% which is on the higher side for standard credit cards after the introductory 0% period ends.
  • Low cashback rate: While having no annual fee, the 0.5% cashback rate is lower than some competitor credit cards when you factor in fees.
  • Must bank digitally: There are no physical bank branches and all account management is done online via your account or the mobile app.
  • Limited to UK residents: Due to being an online-only credit card, it is currently only available to UK residents with a UK address.
  • Young company: Zopa only launched its card in 2018 so it doesn’t have the long track record of more established providers.

How Does the Zopa Card Compare?

Zopa Credit Card Review is Right for You in 2023

How does the Zopa credit card stack up against some of its major competitors in the UK market? Here’s a brief overview:

  • Tandem Money Credit Card: Also offers 0.5% cashback on spending with no annual fee. But it has a shorter 0% purchase period of just 12 months.
  • American Express Platinum Cashback: Offers 5% cashback up to £100 in first 3 months, then 0.5% up to £10,000 spend and 1% after that. It has a £25 annual fee.
  • Santander All-in-One Credit Card: Gives 0.5% cashback on spending under £5,000, then 1% after that with a £24 annual fee. Comes with added travel insurance and AA breakdown cover benefits.
  • Barclaycard Platinum: 0% on balance transfers for up to 31 months and 0.25% cashback on spending. No annual fee.

Overall, Zopa competes well as a fee-free cashback credit card option. The long 0% introductory offer stands out as a key strength.

Should You Get the Zopa Credit Card?

Here are a few scenarios when applying for the Zopa credit card could be a good option:

  • You want a long 0% introductory rate to pay off existing credit card debts.
  • You will be making a large purchase and want to pay no interest for 33 months.
  • You frequently travel overseas and will benefit from no foreign transaction fees.
  • You want to earn cashback rewards without paying an annual fee.
  • You are looking for an easy-to-manage digital banking experience.

The Zopa card meets the needs of borrowers looking for an online credit card with competitive introductory offers and rewards. However, if you want more substantial cashback or added benefits like travel insurance, other credit cards may suit you better.

Is the Zopa Credit Card Right for You?

The Zopa credit card offers a competitive set of features including its long 0% introductory offer, fee-free overseas spending, and cashback rewards.

For borrowers looking for a straightforward rewards credit card from a digital provider, it’s a solid option to consider alongside the alternatives. Be sure to check the rates and small print before applying.

Carefully manage repayments once the introductory period ends to avoid high interest charges. Overall, the Zopa card can be recommended for those wanting an online credit card with strong incentives.

Zopa Credit Card FAQs

Here are answers to five of the most frequently asked questions about the Zopa credit card:

1. What credit score is needed for the Zopa card?

Zopa has not set a minimum credit score requirement. However, you will need good to excellent credit for the best chance of approval. Checking your credit reports before applying is recommended.

2. Does the Zopa card charge a foreign transaction fee?

No, the Zopa card does not charge any foreign transaction fees. You can use it overseas or for foreign currency transactions fee-free.

3. Is there a Zopa credit card app?

Yes, Zopa offers an iOS and Android app for digital account management on your phone. You can pay your bill, check your balance, view statements and more via the app.

4. Can the Zopa card be used for cash withdrawals?

Yes, you can use the Zopa card for cash withdrawals from ATMs. This will be charged at the cash advance rate, so it is not recommended for regular cash withdrawals.

5. Does the Zopa card offer Apple Pay or Google Pay?

Zopa credit cards can be added to Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay for contactless mobile payments. Just add your card to the digital wallet on your phone to start paying this way.


The Zopa credit card provides a competitive set of features for a fee-free rewards card, including 0.5% cashback, a long 0% purchase and transfer introductory offer, and no foreign transaction fees. It can suit those wanting easy digital account management along with solid incentives.

However, it is worth comparing alternatives if you want more substantial rewards or added benefits. Carefully consider the rates and terms before applying.

Overall, the Zopa card is a decent option for borrowers wanting a straightforward online credit card with strong introductory deals and the ability to earn cashback on spending.

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